We're just like you. We're a group of cyclists who, well ... love to ride our bikes, and we love showing others how incredible riding in the Roanoke Region is.


Your host during Hill Week is Alan Henry. An avid cyclist, Alan has spent his fair share of time in the saddle from Tennessee to Utah to California. The curvy back roads and hills of Virginia are what brought Alan to Roanoke, and it is his desire to share his favorite routes with you. And that's what led him to create Hill Week. Alan will meet you upon arrival, greet you each morning with a cup of coffee, and maybe massage your feet after the ride (just kidding on that one) ... but he will definitely be there to answer any questions you have, whether you want to know about the day's ride or where to get some killer nachos.

Alan had the brilliant idea of Hill Week and approached the Roanoke Outside Foundation to see if there was a way to partner. The Roanoke Outside Foundation jumped at the opportunity to showcase our region. The Roanoke Outside Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to connect people with the outdoors.

Nothing beats riding with the locals, which is why local cyclists will join you for a ride, or two, or three. You may want to give serious consideration to joining them on their Tuesday Night Beer Ride as well. If you're a local cyclists that wants to get involved email ahenry@hillweek.com to learn more.


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